Fortunately, this trend is completely back: macramé. This natural look is a nice addition to the Little Kolibri Orchids collection. It will easily steal the show in your shop. You can choose between two colours of modern ornamental pots.


Hang Little Kolibri Orchids Macramé next to the cash register and if your customers ask about it, tell them a “did you know that ...” – for example, macramé literally means ‘knotted’.


These Little Kolibri Orchids are called Fountain. The branches are carefully curved to form a veil of flowers. Just look how beautifully these flowers bloom; just like a fountain. These wonderful Little Kolibri Orchids Fountain are guaranteed to flower for more than three months.


Experience it yourself! Little Kolibri Orchids Fountain flower for a long time. They can be a blossoming centrepiece for your shop.


Finally there is an orchid that is perfect for any coffee table. Little Kolibri Orchids Halo has a circular full floral garland containing three branches. These multiflora varieties are always delivered in maturity stage three, which makes the plant look really attractive on the shelf. Your customers will also benefit from a long shelf life.


We always offer this collection in a stylish ornamental pot and gift box.


Will you pick pink, brown, yellow or perhaps white? Our greenhouse is full of Little Kolibri Orchids in a variety of hues. We put your assortment together based on colour, so that you can always be sure to have a surprising and, more importantly, an interesting mix of orchids in the shop, beautifully arranged according to colour and species. There are more than 100 species to choose from.


Our pot covers are not only attractive, but this is also how we tell the story behind the Little Kolibri Orchids.


You can also opt for this unique and free Little Kolibri Orchid ‘Liberty’. This plant species produces wild shoots. We allow these branches to grow freely in our nursery. And so this plant is unrestricted and playful in nature. Moreover, the Liberty produces a wealth of flowers; we guarantee 100.


Put a Liberty in your shop window. Because of its interesting shape and large number of flowers, it will surely attract attention.


This is how lovely nature can be! Just look at these Little Kolibri Orchids. You will discover the most spectacular patterns. We have combined this collection under the name ‘Exclusive’. This collection truly enables you to distinguish yourself from others; you will not come across them often.


Our sales team will gladly help you choose the right composition and blossoming stage. And so you can be sure to have an interesting collection, time and time again, which will leave your client truly inspired.


Mix and match your own collection. In our collection ‘Creations’ we combine the loveliest Little Kolibri Orchids with matching decorative pots. We pay particular attention to the details of the flower and we choose a decorative pot that makes the orchid beam. Moreover, we guarantee that you will be up to date with our decorative pots, as we always follow the latest lifestyle trends.


Combine a Little Kolibri-assortment with various models of ‘Creations’ decorative pots, then your customer will always have something to choose from.

Big Sensation

Impress everyone with a ‘Big Sensation’. This orchid distinguishes itself thanks to the impressive size of its flowers, a minimum of 10 cm. Once it leaves the nursery, we guarantee a blossoming period of at least 3 months. And so your customer can enjoy this muscle-man for a long time.


We also supply the Big Sensation in an attractive packaging. Create a cosy corner in the shop, with the ready-to-use gift concept. Seeing is buying!

Victoria Falls

The Victoria Falls served as a source of inspiration for this orchid. We bend the branches, creating an impressive waterfall of flowers. The plant is a feast for the eye. We also offer this collection in a tasteful packing box, which will enhance the presentation in the shop.


Try placing a Victoria Falls on your counter. You can explain the background of the name and the orchid may prove to be an enticing impulse purchase.


With nature in mind, we have put together the new Little Kolibri Orchids Botanical line. Bathe in green, more green and green again. We have gathered the most beautiful botanic varieties from the natural environment in Asia for you. The traditional terracotta growing pot completes the collection.


Create a botanic shop display using different sizes and place them together in a group as a botanical family. The natural blooming method of Little Kolibri Orchids will steal the show.